What is “The Big Answer”? It explains everything about the human endeavour and, in fact, that of all life in a single, objective, applicable model. It gives an obvious, smack-yourself-in-the-head-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that explanation to age-old questions such as: the meaning/purpose of life, the basis of morality, any judgement of good/bad, the secret to happiness and fulfillment, the definition of  a”balanced” life, the criteria of evolution, the basis of epistemology, and the key to thriving relationships and societies… and much more!

And yes, there is just ONE answer to all of these. And yet, it is not fundamentalist or idealist! In fact, it validates a wide range of approaches to life: it applies just as much to Hugh Hefner, Buddha, jellyfish or platypodes (yes, that is the correct plural of platypus).

I’m currently working on developing a small, in-person course (free, for 4 people, in Victoria, BC starting Sept 2, 2014) to test what will eventually be an eCourse available on this site. Description of the course coming soon! After that I’ll run another test course to help solidify the presentation of that material, then the eCourse will launch, and I will also be making a book available at that point which outlines the core concepts of The Big Answer. Books and courses on specific topics will follow (likely starting with how to apply TBA in your own life, then a book/eCourse on how it perfectly describes morality).

In the mean time, you can peruse the old blog posts that I started (that format didn’t work for me) until I take those down in the next couple months.