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Overview – Intro ?>

Overview – Intro

To download a PDF version of this overview, click the download link below. For an audio version, click here (or use the player at the top of each page and you can read along if you want). For a slideshow presentation, check out The Big Answer Channel on YouTube (this overview will be available soon!)

SO WHERE WERE WE…? Ah yes! The Big Answer!


The Big Answer… Wow. That’s a rather audacious title. But aptly so!

What does “The Big Answer”… answer? Well, it beautifully, perfectly, elegantly explains the fundamental basis for “good” and “bad” in every context, for every organism on the planet (or in the universe), in every circumstance at any time. Srsly. It doesn’t matter if you’re Buddha, Hugh Hefner, a jellyfish or a potted ficus. And to be clear,

It doesn’t tell you what you should think is good or bad.

It really does explain everyone’s ideas of good and bad (and why some ideas are better than others).

What’s more, it forms the foundation for meaning, purpose, happiness and fulfillment. It is the secret to good relationships of every kind. It is what evolution selects for. It explains morality perfectly. It is the basis of “truth” and underpins the scientific method. It is the requirement for all existence. And it is all based on one single, objective, logical, reality-based concept.

I know, right? What you’re feeling now is called “incredulity”. I mean, it sounds impossible, right? Well, so did a lot of stuff until someone did it! Anyway, it’s free and it’s fun so you may as well check it out.

This approach is completely unique – reexamining some incredibly basic concepts that we’ve had wrong for millennia, and tweaking them to make sense in a reality that doesn’t have any consciousness or personal agenda. I mean, reality just works the way it works, and it doesn’t care how we think it should work. So that’s what you’ll be learning – how reality really works and how that gives rise to all the concepts above.

Now I know you’re excited to get started, but before we do there’s a couple things you should know. And that’s that it takes a decent amount of time and some degree of effort to learn exactly what this concept is and, particularly, how to apply it, and my only credentials are that I’m Somebody on the Internet ( The good news is that we start small, and you get to see the whole process in action as we build up the layers of logic. So while you have to read to the end to learn The Big Answer in full, you’ll get lots of little answers right from the start! And we have fun doing it. Ready to get started? Click below to get a “big picture” overview of the answer, before exploring each of the concepts that go into it in detail at

Let’s get started!

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