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What’s The Big Answer about?

As it says on the home page, it explains a huge range of topics – from meaning and value, to morality, to truth, to evolution, to how to have successful relationships and societies, etc..

If there’s one thing that you should know about The Big Answer, it’s that it’s an explanation of how things work, not some concocted ideal that says how things “should” work.

The goal of this site is to simply educate people about the model, and then support you in applying it. How you apply it is not really a concern, since however and wherever you go about applying it will result in epic awesomeness.

The goal is also to have fun doing all this, ‘cuz there’s enough dry and boring philosophy sites out there, as well as a lot of people who take themselves way too gosh darn seriously (on this site we’ll take the ideas very seriously, but not ourselves!)

If you’re wondering about the logo – it’s an “answer mark”. It’s kind of a combination of a question mark and an exclamation mark, and represents that transition from “Huh?” to “Aha!”. It also just happens to look like a lightbulb 8)

We’re in the process of adding lots more to the site. Current goals are to get the blog happening, create an eBook and eCourse, get the overview (with audio and slides) up on YouTube, and create a forum for people to exchange thoughts about the concepts, as well as how to apply The Big Answer in their lives. Sign up in the box in the sidebar to stay posted on the latest updates!

If you haven’t yet done so, click here to start reading the free overview!