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Really Objectively Good

In the last post, we looked at how and why The Big Answer is “objective”. Now let’s take a look at another foundational concept of The Big Answer: that there could be anything about “reality” (which has no feelings, awareness, comprehension, knowledge, or opinions) that can act as an objective basis for meaning and value (which we’ve long assumed to be completely subjective). Here we go…

Being completely devoid of thought and emotion, reality is the ultimate impartial judge. But if that’s the case, how could something like reality, which is just “the way things are”, express an opinion? Reality can’t care what “is” – if things were different, then that would be the way things are and that would be the reality. So… what gives?

Well, it turns out there is something reality sort of acts like it has an opinion on. How?

Well, how do we express opinion? By trying to get more of what we like, and trying to stop getting what we don’t like. Right?

Does “reality” do this? Yes!

What does reality consistently and actively stop? Things that lack the characteristics or behaviours needed to continue existing. What does reality consistently and actively reward? Things that do have the characteristics and behaviours needed to continue existing. So reality does display a preference! 

Of course reality can’t actually have a subjective opinion, that’s just how things have to work! But that’s the beauty of it – it’s an objective truth that acts like a subjective opinion.

Is there anything else reality seems to reward or punish? Anything else it possibly could?…No!

So here’s the deal – since “existence” is the only thing reality can have an “opinion” on, that is the only thing that could possibly act as a template for living things to base their value system on.

Bottom line: if “existence” can’t explain something, or anything, that we value, then our values are subjective, just like many people have always thought. Good and bad, right and wrong, useful and useless, worthy and unworthy, etc. are just made up. Even if they’re dictated by a deity, they’re still just made up by that deity (and even then, the reward for following the made up rules is still… everlasting life!).

Luckily, as this whole project is dedicated to showing, with a few more logical concepts, we actually can show how pretty much everything we value can be traced back to existence. Which is way cool.

In the next post in this series we’re going to look at why pursuing something other than existence and getting it, is not the same as reality rewarding you. We’ll also be briefly discussing the merits of the Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon System, so any Mangalores reading this might want to pay attention.

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