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Month: February 2015

Nothing But Existence Will Do ?>

Nothing But Existence Will Do

We’ve established that if you act like you value your existence, then reality will “reward” you with more existence. It’s also been stated that reality can’t reward anything else. Well, what if someone valued something other than existence, like a ZF-1 Pod Weapon System, with flamethrower, net shooter, grenade launcher and poison dart attachment, and they work toward getting one, isn’t reality still “rewarding” them with a ZF-1 when they finally get it? Well for starters, if anyone valued anything…

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Really Objectively Good ?>

Really Objectively Good

In the last post, we looked at how and why The Big Answer is “objective”. Now let’s take a look at another foundational concept of The Big Answer: that there could be anything about “reality” (which has no feelings, awareness, comprehension, knowledge, or opinions) that can act as an objective basis for meaning and value (which we’ve long assumed to be completely subjective). Here we go… Being completely devoid of thought and emotion, reality is the ultimate impartial judge. But…

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